Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Up in Smoke, Rhody-Style

I love when my home state sticks it to the Man like the state's founding fathers did.
A scant day after the Supreme Court said it would not interfere with the prosecution of severely ill patients who use marijuana to relieve their suffering, the RI Senate passes a bill to allow ill patients to use pot under a doctor's supervision. Governor Don "Fuck Your Retirement" Carcieri said he will veto the measure, but the Senate has the votes to override.
Pot's not my thing-- I have bad lungs so I cough like an asthmatic in a burning building when I inhale smoke. The time I tried it, I sat on my front stoop with a bag of Pirate's Booty and a glass of orange juice, noshing like mad as the cops drove by to make sure the row of college kid apartments wasn't in a riotous wreck. I felt tired and hungry which is how I feel all the time anyway. Give me the inhibition-lowering power of hops and ferment any day.
But if I were sick and didn't want to feel pain, I'd be learning how to smoke without hacking up a weak lung. Leave people alone-- if little kids aren't smoking up on the monkey bars during recess, who cares? If people want it, fine. So good job, Rhody. I am proud to be a native of your fabulous shores.

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