Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brain Dump

Yes, I'm an asshole. I haven't written anything in nearly a week. I promise I haven't run away with a serial killer (yet) and have just been very busy doing other writerly things. I don't have a whole post in mind, so I'm going to give you the perennial favorite of lazy bloggers, a brain dump. My apologies.

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I'm surprised too.

Last night, I watched Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. While I feared that watching this may have been the end of my ever knocking anyone for poor taste again ever, it was actually not bad. I love watching bloggers make fun of Beckham's paparazzi photographs because she always looks miserable, so I expected her to be a complete pill.

Much to my surprise, Beckham showed a lot of spark for a woman who hasn't eaten a sandwich since 1996. Though almost everything was clearly staged, it was still good. Victoria "needs" her driver's license, only to be driven around by a driver for the rest of the episode. Victoria meets botoxed LA housewives. The highlight of the show for me was when Beckham went to "confront" celebrity blogger and ugly motherfucker Perez Hilton and stated that she couldn't eat a cookie. "I can't be caught smiling, having a good time, or-- perish the thought-- eating."

I forgot (mainly because I never wanted to hear the words "spice" and "girl" near each other again) that the Spice Girls where experts at creating an image. Each girl in the group had her own persona, and Posh never let hers go. While Victoria isn't my new hero or anything, I think a little more highly of her than I did yesterday. But I still want to buy her a turkey club and fries.

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Sweet God, I love Kyle Chandler.

Emmy nominations come out tomorrow, and Matthew Gilbert at the Globe believes that Friday Night Lights is going to get shafted. In the Boston.com polls this afternoon, 47% of those surveyed say they don't know who Scott Porter is, 45.5% don't know who Adrianne Palicki is, and a whopping 53.6% don't watch the show at all.

If you're not watching this show, we cannot be friends. It's an amazing show-- well-acted, well-written, and beautifully shot. I know I sound like those obnoxious people who yelled at you about not watching Arrested Development but please, please watch this show.

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