Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Back Up Off Me

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Oh for Christ's sake.
(Photo blatantly from Pink is the New Blog)

I care about what Lindsay Lohan is doing. There, I said it. I don't buy the magazines, but I read the gossip sites. I will watch Access Hollywood in a post-NBC Nightly News stupor from the hotness that is Brian Williams. While I hate Paris Hilton with a white-hot passion and wish her only the worst, I have some sympathy for Lohan in my cold dark soul.

Of the fuckups that currently populate the gossip columns, Lohan is the most talented. She was great in Mean Girls. My love for her version of The Parent Trap has been stated for the record in the archives of this site somewhere. I liked her in A Prairie Home Companion. When I was working out at the gym and her video for "Rumors" came on, I'd watch it. With the sound on. She was normal-sized redhead in a sea of blond famine victims, and I admired her for that.

A friend of mine argues that Lindsay is the greater train wreck of the celebrities that are in legal woes right now since Paris at least attempts to exert control over her image. I guess I am forgiving of Lindsay because she earned what she has. Her family wasn't rich, and it's very fucked up with a mother who wants to be a friend to her kids and a father who's had his own legal and personal problems. I can kind of see why Lindsay is careening out of control, while Paris doesn't have a problem in the world beside her own stupidity.

Not that driving around drunk and irate while carrying blow is an excusable thing. I just want to see Lindsay get some help and make some good movies again. She could skip making another album, though.

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