Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm a Real Live Wire

I'm not very comfortable in asking this question, but here goes.

Does anyone else think the guy who killed three people in New Hampshire last week is hot?

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Look, he's hot here too. And I know he's completely fucked up and feels no remorse for killing three people. He's sick, and I'm sorry for those who knew the victims. But the sicko is cute on a purely physical level. Am I going to end up as one of those sad women who become pen pals with convicts and fall in love with them? Or am I going to find a pre-capture guy like him and end up chased around by some guy with a chainsaw and an affinity for Phil Collins?

I have skeeved myself out now. I'm going to have a stiff drink, go to bed, and call the therapist in the morning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The object of your adoration (now convicted murderer Michael Woodbury, pleaded guilty) seems to be gay (widely reported), so you may not be of interest to him.

And yes, he is cute. Just not very nice. Adorable but violent, perhaps. Like a black widow spider, only male (and gay).

The above page appears to be from his prior incarceration (5 years) in Maine. His page on that site (Cyberspace-Inmates) has been referenced in many articles.