Thursday, July 05, 2007

She Didn't Look Eighteen to Me


[W]e're especially prone to overestimating the ages of teenage girls. In the British study, bartenders were shown pictures of people aged 13 through 22 and asked to guess their ages. They judged about one of every five 13-year-old girls to be over 18, while they correctly identified the 13-year-old boys 97 percent of the time.

So sketchy guys may not be lying when they said "she looked eighteen to me, officer"?


Yeah, I'm phoning it in. I was stupid enough to stand around in the driving rain (hey, Pete Bouchard-- what Annette and I were standing in was not "light rain" by any stretch of your weatherman hoodoo-voodoo terminology) to watch the very impressive fireworks.
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Happy 4th of July, indeed.

And why doesn't America understand that not all songs about America are blindly patriotic? I mean, we went through with with "Born in the USA" and it continues with "Our Country." While I'm all about talking about the problems America has on July 4th, I don't think most of the audience gets the point. It would be like playing "God Save the Queen" on St. George's Day in England. "Oh yes, do save the Queen indeed. ::golf clap::"

Man. I need a nap.

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