Monday, July 30, 2007


Thing one: I am so very tired.

Thing two: What did Buddy Cianci do first after getting out of home confinement early on Friday? Went to Federal Hill for a three hour lunch. Told you.

Thing three: I did not see Buddy Cianci at Waterfire, though he was present. My friends and I decided that he should have been put on a gondola and floated through Waterplace Park like the local hero he is. And I was wrong-- he rocked a bald head on Saturday.

Thing four: Thanks to The Big Man Upstairs for a great beach day on Saturday and dry weather for the Police show tonight.

Thing five: The Police were awesome. I have no voice left and I thought I was going to pass out from heatstroke. I suffer for rock.

Thing six: However awesome the Police are, I wish they'd stop jumping around on stage like they did in the '80s. It's awkward and something they're not anymore. It's like when my Mom says "bling."

Thing seven: Bedtime now.

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