Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Love Continues...

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If I had the Photoshop acumen of my meteorologist boyfriend, I'd totally do an "if they mated" and post it. Alas...
Check this forecast out!

This "block" in the upper atmosphere has steered all our storms south. Snow is now flying in parts of the Mid Atlantic as they remain in a storm zone over the next couple of days -"somewhere only we know" (Keane - not New Hampshire ((they have two es)) the band).
So when will we "sleep with butterflies" (Tori Amos) fluttering outside our windows? No time soon. I said it was storm-free, not cold-free. Upper atmosphere just won't allow a warm up...yet.

Not only does Pete mention Keane, he mentions Tori Amos (and her completely fabulous, best-breakup-song-ever new song). Maybe he'll buy me a ticket at take me to her concert this spring, and afterwards we can talk about what kind of clouds are in the sky, and then we can run away to England together and see Keane and talk about how the weather is different in a temperate climate.
...sigh. Only in my dreams.

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