Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Best fans in baseball my ass. Check out this loser:
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This assclown jumped from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium. Didn't fall in a drunken stupor as his team got beaten by the White Sox, didn't throw himself like a '40s film star with his hand on his forehead to indicate the vapors overtaking him as he thought about his team's dire pitching situation and place in the standings. Just a stupid kid who decided he'd test the weight limit on the net by jumping on it. At least drop a little kid or something before putting a full adult's body weight on that thing.
At Fenway, the dumbest things I see are the Wave (which should not be allowed when ACTUAL DAMN BASEBALL is happening) and the occasional fat guy who elects to lower himself onto the playing surface and see if he can make it to the other corner of the field. I watched one inebriated guy make a football-worthy evasion of the security guards and actually make it across the outfield at one game last year. And after trying to make it from one side of Fenway to the other by walking through the concourse, I'd be tempted to drop myself onto the field between innings and make a run for it since some out-of-towners don't know how to walk in a crowd. I like to think the stupid things Sox fans do are to get themselves closer to the warriors of Beantown. In New York, they're just bored stupid since they haven't won a World Series in this millennium and have nothing better to do than test the laws of physics.

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