Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wanted: Menace 2 Society, Works at NPR

Garrison Keillor is a menace 2 society.
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Yeah, this guy. The guy who sounds like your Grandpa reading you a bedtime story about the fine people of Lake Wobegon. Don't let your children near NPR, y'all, or else they're going to hear about boobies and drugs.
America: you can only hide your children from the world for so long. They're going to learn about drugs and sex at some point in their lives. It may as well be in a sonnet instead of a porn, right? That way, they get iambic pentameter along with the loss of innocence. Shakespeare: dirty bastard. Most "fine" literature is riddled with double-entendres and sex. That's because human nature is obsessed with these things. No amount of censorship is going to turn it off.
Jesus H. Christ. Garrison fucking Keillor? It's like saying the Pope is indecent.

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