Monday, August 01, 2005

Thrills, Tears, and Swedish Translations

Many thanks to those of you who left the great comments on my birthday, and extra-special thanks to those who came out for my birthday. You will get more personal thanks when I'm not up to my eyes in work. The weekend was eventful-- I now know what a kernel of corn feels like when it's being flushed, I have the weirdest tan lines, I also know the hell of furniture pick-up at Ikea, the hell of lashing a queen sized mattress to the top of a Neon and driving it home and not arriving until 3am, and the biggest bouquet of flowers I've ever been in possession of is sitting on my bookshelf. My bedroom looks kind of like a hospital room-- cards open on all available surfaces, flowers-- but it's better because I am not ill and in fact feeling pretty good. Once I get some sleep, I'll be even better.
I shall write the tale of my weekend later and it will be enlightening and hilarious. For now, I photocopy.

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