Friday, August 26, 2005

I Am No Fashionista, Nor Was Meant to Be

But I'm going to pretend to be one this afternoon.
My next article for InSite is about a little boutique in Brookline. Awesome. Except. I know nothing about fashion. Yes, I watch America's Next Top Model and, yes, I know Versace and Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade, but hell if I care. I know what looks good on me, but I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes. I could go on a trip or pay student loans with that money-- why spend it on a trendy fur wrap that will be useless in a year?
Maybe I'm being too practical. Maybe I should suck it up, start buying Ben Sherman jackets and hand-made dresses. But my grandmother can make a dress for me, and she won't charge me $250.
Have a great weekend-- I'll be working, eating, drinking, working, driving, working, hanging pictures, working, writing, working, maybe sleeping.

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