Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wax On, Wax Off

I guess this week is theme week here around Pasquinade.
I just read this article on Yahoo! and let out a little squeal of glee. I'm glad the gospel is catching on. As you may have figured out, I'm all about equality of the sexes. If men can vote, so should women. If men can work, so should women. If women have to worry about looking good, so should men. I'm glad that the idea of a man worrying about how he looks being the mark of a pussy is fading.
A few weeks ago, the Whatever (now with an actual boyfriend status!) picked me up from work. We planned to go to the grocery store, but he said he had something to do before we went.
"I have to stop at the salon to hmmmrpshhmmbz," he muttered into the phone earlier in the day.
We stoped at Lords and Ladys and he got out of the car.
"Didn't you just get a haircut last week?" I asked.
"Yes. I'm here to get my eyebrows waxed."
I actually squealed with glee. A metrosexual! He can be taught! He wears pleated pants, yes, much to my well-articulated chagrin, but he fights the power of a unibrow. I could tell he was afraid I'd think he was a wuss, and he lit up with a smile when I reacted so favorably.
So gentlemen: do not be afraid of hair removal. Women shave, wax and tweeze ourselves for you-- the least you can do is not look like Guy Smiley in return.

Update 1
My pica ruler was stolen by a coworker. She apologized. I am once again able to work.

Update 2
The Brazilian is still okay. The ingrown hairs are making an appearance-- how do I fight these little bastards? It's not killing me, but it's not entirely comfortable either.

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