Thursday, December 04, 2008

Baby's First Ticket

I have never given birth (a fact my grandmother reminds me of every time I see her), nor have I ever driven someone to the hospital who is in the throes of labor. But if I were with child, I'd be sure to pick a hospital that is close to home. You know, just to make sure I don't ruin my car seats with amniotic fluid because traffic keeps me from getting to the hospital I chose, which is no where near my home.

Though the Davises live about 30 miles away in Dracut, Jennifer Davis, 38, wanted to have her baby at Mount Auburn, where she had also given birth to her 7-year-old son, Brendan.

"For 10 months we had been saying, 'As long as I don't go into labor during rush hour' - which we did," said Davis[.]

So this family knew there could be a problem by choosing Mt. Auburn as the place where they'd deliver their daughter, but chose to do it anyway? The cop who pulled the couple over for traveling in the breakdown lane certainly isn't the hero of this story, but let's not completely shower the parents in sympathy either. Perhaps there should have been a rush-hour Plan B in which they drove to Lowell General Hospital instead of Mt. Auburn. Just a thought.

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