Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Best Not Catch this Flick on YouTube

I am not what women's magazines call a sexpert. The time that elapses between my boyfriends or paramours or man-friends or whatever the hell you want to call them is typically so long that I figure the physics of sex have changed drastically since I last participated when I take up with a new partner.

But there are a few things I know never change. One, always use at least one method of birth control. Two, pull the comforter down before getting busy. And three, never, EVER allow pictures or videos you take during your trysts to leave the scene of the action.

Do we have to teach this in sex ed too? It seems that the answer is yes, since a new study reveals that one out of five teenagers are sending naked pictures of themselves via cellphone or email.

I take this as an additional reason to raise my children Amish.

I just don't understand how kids can allow this to happen after some of those tween stars they love so much have found their private pictures splashed in the tabloids after the images fell into the wrong hands. For people who use social networking technology so much, they're awfully unaware of how it works.

I know this is just an extension of teenagers' inability to think of the consequences of their actions, hormones, yadda yadda. But think of this, kids—If you put it out there, your parents might see it.

If that doesn't ice your hot little teenage veins, nothing will.

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