Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spray-On Pancakes. Really

After my 2-hour epic drive to Rhode Island yesterday (pics to come—sorry to mess with the chronology), my mother and I went to the grocery store to pick up some milk and bread for my grandfather. As we walked through the refrigerator section, I did a double-take.

The store had pancake batter in a can more traditionally used for whipped cream.

My Mom and I had a good chuckle about the product, and decided it was worth trying on a snowy Sunday morning. Even if it did cost $5. But it's organic!


It works just how you think such a product would. Press on the little white plastic dispenser, et voila. Organic pancake batter on-demand.


Here was our first pancake. I used too little batter, so it came out looking more like a lace cookie.


I was a little more liberal on my later flapjacks. And we even had some frozen blueberries to add to the flavor bouquet.


I went into this experiment fully expecting to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, but the batter was surprisingly tasty. It had a nice nutty flavor, and no weird chemical aftertaste from whatever magic substance propels the contents of those spray cans.

For single people like me, the spray pancake is a brilliant invention. Whenever I make pancakes for myself, or even for my family when I'm home, the smallest amount of batter Bisquick whips up is way too big. Now even losers who don't have a special someone to make doe-eyes at over Sunday brunch can still enjoy a special breakfast without wasting food.

In closing: Spray pancakes are pasquinade-tested, and pasquinade-approved.


Not Whitey Bulger said...

Refrigerate your left-over pancakes and microwave then for 10-15 seconds to heat them up. One batch holds me a week, until I can't stand pancakes any more and have to make eggs for a change.

Cody said...

The onion taste-tested the spray-on pancakes a few months ago...

mmmm mmmm pancakes!

Amy said...

Cody-- Hadn't seen that. I'm glad everyone is as fascinated as I am by this product.

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