Sunday, December 07, 2008

Clark Rockefeller Haunts My Dreams

Last night, I was sleeping (as you do), and I had a dream that I was a journalist who was visiting Clark Rockefeller in jail. In my dream, Rockefeller was the exact opposite of the mellow guy we've seen in jailhouse interviews and court appearances. He was struggling to get out of his cuffs, which was giving the guard problems.

There was a very well-dressed black female inmate there as well, who was making snarky remarks about how low-paid prison guards are. The scene was fast turning into chaos when Rockefeller asked the guard if he could have his feet restrained instead of his hands. The guard obliged, and I then knew that Rockefeller was going to get away.

Sure enough, the kidnapper managed to form a cat's cradle with his restraints (hey, it's a dream—this kind of thing can happen in my subconscious), got loose, and jumped up with a cartoony cackle and ran out the door. He took the female inmate with him, and I remember being happy that we'd get some more crazy Rockefeller stories because he was free.

I don't know what this means. But it was just so strange I needed to share.

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