Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can We Form a Boston Chapter of ASSME?

Shoot. Looks like I might need to make a trip to New York next week for this wonderful event.

Open bars are de riguer at media parties, and they're just about the only fringe benefit of working in this godforsaken industry. But what happens when the parties themselves start to disappear, like what's happening this holiday season? NO MORE FREE BOOZE! Portfolio's Mixed Media reports that there is a new group called "ASSME: the American Society of Shitcanned Media Elites"—which I guess I should probably join—that will carry on the noble tradition of an open bar in season where everyone else is a god-damned Scrooge. If you're laid-off and broke, you can still keep on drinking—at least for one magical night.

Come on, Boston media elite. Let's form our own chapter of this much-needed club. Between my laid-off ass, Bob Lobel, the printing press workers at the Herald, and the bought-out staffers of the Globe, it would be quite a time.


B.T. said...

Yes, I'm in. Just got laid off (advertising & TV.) I'll recruit my brother who also got laid off (printing press manager.)

Amy said...

Shoot. We should reserve a bar!