Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Less Talking to Reporters, More Talking to the Unemployed

At times like this, I wish I had the new media know-how to splice footage of me watching this WBZ report about the taxed employees of the state's unemployment call centers.

"It takes the kind of person who looks at people like they're people [to do the job]," one woman tells the WBZ reporter.

Yeah, somebody should have told that to the completely unhelpful person who filed my claim a couple of weeks ago.

"Behind every call is someone who is unemployed. And this is their lifeline to the desperately-needed check," the reporter voices-over.

Hey, lady—if it's so damn important, let the workers you interview answer the phone. I called yesterday to get some help on how to claim my severance payment, and I was told to call back because the operators were too busy. So stop asking these people if they cry or pray for the teeming refuse of which I am part, and let them take a call.

I expect to see these people working like children in one of Kathie Lee Gifford's sweatshops. Ten minute lunches, nine hour days, and only one day off per week. Either that, or hire some new people to help ease the load. As more people lose their jobs, these staffers will need all the help they can get to explain the confusing process of collecting unemployment in Massachusetts to callers.


B said...

We have been trying to call to open a new claim for over nine days. Every day. Starting when they open and not stopping until they close. Every single time we're told to call back the next business day by the automated system then hung up on. I mean probably at least a hundred calls. It's insane.

I'm guessing they have some sort of hiring freeze because after this amount of time you'd think they'd ramp up staff to deal with the insane amount of calls due to so many layoffs and companies going out of business.

Finally had to go to a walk in center during the mornnig. Had to put name on list and come back later that afternoon. Success for signing up for unemployment for the first time only ten days after starting to try. What a crazy system.

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