Friday, December 12, 2008

You Are Now Free to Move About the Commonwealth

Susan Wornick just said clarified the meaning of the State of Emergency declared by Gov. Deval Patrick. It means he can activate the National Guard and apply for federal disaster aid.

"It does not prohibit travel, so you are free to move around the state," Wornick said. Thank goodness. I have to celebrate my 10,000th day of life this evening.

Is it wrong that I really want to hop in the car and check out the two inches of ice that fell in other parts of the state? Because I'm seeing the pictures on TV, but when I look out my window in Somerville and see only puddles, I can't believe it looks like that only a few miles away.

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Anonymous said...

Patrick is doing a terrible job as the leader of the National Guard - he is using the force for political reasons to look like he is doing something to help people and score federal disaster relief funds. However, there are very few missions out there with increasingly diminishing returns. Some Guard members have not been home since Thursday night and don't have time to take care of their families during this pre-holiday season.