Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And I Shall Call Him...

So if you're like me, and wondered why in the hell channel 7's weather was forecast by a black box with no name, only to scroll down and find some fellow named Jeremy is now reporting the weather in the mornings on channel 7, you probably wondered what he looks like. He is not some faceless entity, but is indeed the newest weathercasting hottie in Boston. If you have not seen the weather recently, as I have not since I don't own a TV right now, behold:

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I shall call him Mini-Pete. Because, really. Let's side-by-side these two dudes.
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Yeah. Add some hair, take away some skin pigment (or maybe use some proper lighting on the lefthand picture) and they could be father and son. If I were Mrs. Bouchard, I'd be looking into my husband's activities when he was... okay, probably twelve. But, if I were Mrs. Bouchard...


Sometimes, the writing just gets away from you. But welcome to Boston, Mr. Reiner. And welcome to your wife as well.


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