Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cold-Hearted Bitch

Ann Coulter, everybody!

If you've been widowed, as my mother was, I'm sure you've used your husband's death to make a political point. I'm sure Ms. Coulter would think my mom was taking advantage of the system by staying at home and collecting Social Security and raising her kids because she's a lazy, system-abusing slacker. Fuck you. If my (imaginary) husband died in a national tragedy, which may have been prevented if the president had done his damn job, you'd best believe I'd be on every politician I could find to insist they find out why my husband died in a terrorist attack. I hope if one of these "Witches of East Brunswick" ever meets Ann Coulter, she claws Ann's eyes out with her bare hands.

And if anyone is enjoying the deaths of thousands of people on 9/11 for political gain, it's Ann Coulter and her conservative talk show host brethren. "If only the Democrats had given us more money for weapons, we could have prevented this!" "If only the Democrats didn't insist that invading people's privacy is a violation of rights, we could have prevented this!" My fucking God. As my old roommate Deb would say, "What a miserable cunt."

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