Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Believe the Hype

Listen up, dyed-in-the-wool, fall-in-line conservatives. You are being manipulated. You are being used. Hoodwinked!

I don't like to use such hyped-up language. But you are being used. You've been used for six years to get Bush Jr. and his daddy's cronies back into power. Don't you get it? Don't you get that the gay marriage amendment is a big red herring the Republican party is slapping you with over and over to get you to vote for them? Read the language. You're being "wooed." They are "wooing" you? Woo?

No. It's a manipulation, not sonnets and dropped hankies. The economy sucks, the Bush administration has run up the deficit more than the Sodomite Clinton administration did. The Bush administration has acted as anti-Republicans. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally and morally conservative. FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE means SPENDING LESS MONEY. Bush has not spent less money. But if you look too closely, you'll realize that. So he tosses the evils of homosexuality at you, makes you afraid that gay people will ruin your life by loving each other, and you fall for the same shit again.

President Bush and Wanna-Be President Romney are both attacking Massachusetts as ruining families across America by our gay-marriage example.

In returning to the divisive issue of gay marriage, the president is seeking to energize social conservatives in advance of the midterm congressional elections. He maintained that without a constitutional amendment, states across the country might have to recognize marriage "as redefined by judges in, say, Massachusetts."

"Our policies should aim to strengthen families, not undermine them," the president said in a speech at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, as the Senate began the first of three days of debate on the measure. "And changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure."

This kind of talk makes me blind with anger. Seriously. I wish I could be eloquent about this, but I just get so fucking mad I resort to curse words and ad hominem attacks. But it's a complete bullshit maneuver. Attack the people who are different and scare your conservative base into voting for men who sent young boys off to die without just cause. And doesn't allowing gay couples-- who already exist-- who already have kids and condominiums an additional layer of support if one of them dies strengthen families? More families with rights equals a greater family structure.

Mitt pipes up. In Washington, people of both parties shrug:

"In order to protect the institution of marriage, we must prevent it from being redefined by judges like those here in Massachusetts," wrote Romney, who is preparing for a possible 2008 presidential run. "Once a society establishes that it is legally indifferent between traditional marriage and same-sex marriage, how can one preserve any practice which favors the union of a man and a woman?"

Why does it matter? Why does it matter if a couple is a man or a woman or a man and a man? I don't get it. I can get why people are uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality. Open homosexuality is a relatively new concept for our puritanical society. But I don't get the leap in logic that once homosexual couples have rights that everyone is going to become homosexual. I don't know if Republicans have noticed, but being gay isn't always rainbows and parades. Lots of homosexuals are assaulted and killed simply because of their orientation. It's not an easy choice to decide to be open about your preferences. Many gay people lose their families by admitting they're gay.

See? It even works on me as a distraction. Don't you get that gas prices are so high because the oil companies, who are rife with Bush family friends, are making record profits? It's right there in front of us. Record. Profits. You grab your ankles and pay, they have nice vacations while you can't afford insurance, let alone a trip to Mexico. Don't believe them. This is happening to distract you from the important issues, like false wars, a lack of medical insurance for the poor, starving people in America, the fact that we could pursue alternative energy but the government won't pay for it, etc.

If you want to be a pawn, fine. I've had it with you.

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