Thursday, June 22, 2006

North vs. South, Catholic vs. Jewish, Mac vs. PC

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You, sir, are an asshole.

I love Macs. I love their cute exterior, their snappy operating systems, their easy keyboard shortcuts, their lack of crash-and-freezing that PCs are prone to. Since an ex-jackass sold me his iMac back when they were blue and see-through, I've had Macs. Now I have an iBook that's getting a little old, but I still love it. Until I get off my ass and start a magazine or something, I'm not doing anything that desperately needs fast processing, so my five-year-old laptop will do. I also try to "convert" people to Macs. I tell them how much I enjoy the fast processing, the ease of use once you get past a Windows mentality. Sometimes it sticks. Other times, I am threatened with death.

But I hope I don't come across like the asshole in these new advertisements that Mac is running to try to lure PC users over to Macs. I agree with his assertions, but he's so smug. God. Take that hipster hoodie off and let the guy have his PC. Maybe you should offer to let the old guy try your PowerBook and let him find out for himself that it's more fun.

I think Mac is trying to play on the whole cult-like following their computers have and lure PC users over with these ads, but I think it cements PC users opinion that Mac users are just pretentious jerks. We don't all wear hoodies. We're not all smug assholes. Please. Just try the Mac. It's something different, like a third political party or a hybrid car. You may like it. You won't become the asshole in the hoodie. I promise you.

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