Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello, Goodbye

Goodbye, shitty old apartment.

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Goodbye, shitty collapsing bathroom ceiling.

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Goodbye, shitty collapsing living room ceiling, which broke when the neighbors apparently dropped an elephant.

Hello, new apartment of solitude.

I still fear that a) a mouse will crawl across my bare foot, because mice love nice basement apartments and I did find what may have been turds in the closet, but it didn't look like anyone had cleaned the closet in a long time, and I did plug in my super-sonic mouse scaring device, so I hope that works and I fear b) that I will end up hating the place. It's always difficult to figure how you'll like a place until your stuff is assembled and easily accessible (I was fifteen minutes late to work because I could not stop sweating while I got ready) and you get into a routine. But after the fighting I apparently missed while my old place was being cleaned out, the idea of only having to contend with myself for a while is great.

Story of my most excellent movers, Pedro, Danny and Some Dude, to come. I have to email my bosses my new address.

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