Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Come On, We're Going Drinking!

Check it out. Turns out, us "coffee until noon, beer thereafter" folks are going to be just fine.

DRINKING coffee could help protect you from liver disease caused by alcohol, research shows.

People who drink one cup of coffee a day are 20 per cent less likely to suffer alcoholic cirrhosis than those who drink none.

And the protective effect increases with the more coffee you have: those who drink two or three cups a day are 40 per cent less likely to suffer cirrhosis, while people who drink four or more cups are 80 per cent less likely to get the disease.

HA! As I sit here, drinking my iced coffee after consuming a delicious beer with my delicious hamburger with my delicious friend Kristen last night-- and before I go out of a cool mojito with my cool coworker Karen tonight-- I feel validated. My body knows itself. It knows it needs beer to come down from the coffee and Coke Zero jitters that get me through my workday, and it needs coffee and Coke Zero to manage to get anything done.

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Don't worry, kids. We'll be juuuust fiiiiine.

Let's celebrate! The Gansett's on me!

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