Thursday, June 22, 2006

Return of the Amy

Hey y'all.

Sorry it's been so quiet around these parts lately. I am sans internet since I am broke and the cable companies aren't giving away internet (nor are my neighbors dumb enough to have unprotected wireless networks) so this limits my ability to blog. I also spent three days with the family on the Cape. Which was fun, but it's always nice to return to the subterranean fortress of solitude after spending three solid days with the people you moved away from because you saw a lot of them. I love my family, but I live on my own for a reason. It also doesn't help that I am the odd man out when it comes to vacationing activities. For instance, I went to the Cape and didn't sit on a beach. I know. But I did get to go to Woods Hole and see a really interesting exhibit about the discovery of the Titanic by Robert Ballard in 1985, which always fascinated me. I am a giant dork.

Also, mad thanks to Kristen's family, as they once again provided my alcoholic ass with all the free beer I could drink and all the chili I could eat. You people do the Lord's work. Or something.
I am also happy to see that Mr. Gabe Kapler is back playing for the Boston Sox. Yowza. Words fail me. Somebody had to hot that team up again. Also, Trot needs another dirt dog compatriot to hang out with. But, also, the hot.

Speaking of Nixon, I should be getting my kitten this weekend or early next week. Pictures to follow.

I really miss TV. My brother and I stayed up in the hotel after my Mom went to bed, and I watched the Daily Show. God, I love Jon Stewart. "Next, the Congress will pass a resolution that kittens are, quote, 'adorable.'" But I shall not cave! I am not getting cable!

Okay. Off to get some work done. Hopefully some indignant ranting will follow later.

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