Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Hateration In My Peterie

It has been brought to my attention, by both Lewis and GiC, that there is another woman in Boston who loves the Pete Bouchard. Both these people told me this information in the hopes that I would start some shit, throw down all junior-high-girl bitchy-style on this woman for allegedly being at the head of the Pete Bouchard posse. But, though I am an uppity bitch who will not hesitate to lay the smackdown on someone who messes with my man, I cannot muster up the hate for this Dee person. For we both enjoy the finer things in life. A balding man who loves science and the Police. A good man, who somehow ended up at a clusterfuck of a television station. So, like Mary J. says, there is no more drama. However, once I get some Photoshop acumen, you'd better believe I'll be selling t-shirts on Cafepress.

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