Friday, July 21, 2006

C'est bien

Did you guys know that the library will let you read a book for free? I was surprised too.

One day I wandered into the Trident Cafe, bored, hungover, and desperate for some brain candy. As I wandered to the magazine racks, I spied a book written by Julia Child. And it wasn't a cookbook.

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My Life in France is about, well, Julia Child's life in France as a newlywed. Before she went to France, Julia barely ever cooked, and grew up in white-bred, Republican Pasadena, California. Then her husband got a job in Paris after WWII, and Julia went with him and fell in love with France. She learned to cook, and thus began her career as the original Food Network Star. But on PBS.

I'm always interested to see what twists in people's lives make them who they are. If Julia had never married Paul Child, she never would have gone to France and encouraged a generation of women to cook. I always wonder where my life will take me-- if I'll have grand adventures like Julia and Paul-- or where I'll ultimately end up. The book (what I've read of it) is well-written and very entertaining. I love getting really excited to read a good book.

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