Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Do I even bother with dating? It just sucks. I get all excited, believe every word that comes out of a guy's mouth, allow myself to imagine trips to forigen places. I fall hard. Then, before it's really gotten started it's over, and I'm left sitting someplace, head swimming and stunned. What? What happened this time? Did I snore? What?

I am fed the fuck up with the whole goddamn enterprise. I am sick of excuses and bullshit and lying when it ends. Just when I get happy with my status quo of me and my friends and that's all I need, some guy weasels in and adds something to my life I didn't even know was missing. Then, he's gone. I am sick of collecting stupid man breakup tricks to share with my friends like trading cards. Here's "it's raining, let's talk later." Here's "personal reasons." Here's just another guy with a pained face on the card, with his stats (packs left, dumps evasively).

Sorry to be cynical, and sorry I don't have anything meaningful to say about tunnel safety or Lebanon scaring the shit out of me on a daily basis. But I'm fed up with the shenanigans and can't even muster up some artistry about it.

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