Thursday, July 06, 2006


Dear Boston Globe,

Until I read some articles about Tiger Woods' or Roger Federererrrrraaawrs' wardrobes, this whole "reporting on professional female athletes in respect to their sartorial choices alone" thing does not sit well with me.


The Globe has been peddling it's papers as of late primarily with talk of women in sports. Yesterday, it was the whole "do women who wear pink hats constitute baseball fans on par with men or women who wear blue hats" (I still maintain that unless it's a sanctioned Red Sox uniform color, no, so you have kelly green, red, white and blue to work with: wear the team colors) and today it's "how pretty is Michelle Wie?"

Sixteen-year-old golf phenom Michelle Wie may make it all look effortless -- her fashion sense, as well as her fluid swing -- but as for the former, she actually has a great deal of help.

Because, certainly, being an amazing golfer at age sixteen just happens for her, without hours of training. She's probably just a tad bit more focused on playing golf than if she looks like Sienna Miller in her ensemble. I know this article appears in the "Arts and Lifestyle" section and not the sports section, but it still sits uneasily with me. She's a freaking phenom. Her choice of skirt is not the issue here.

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