Friday, July 07, 2006

Vermin Update

Last night I got home late, after stopping by the Esplanade to sit and contemplate for a while, and also to avoid what I feared would be a swarming mass of black flies. I opened the door, and, indeed, the place was crawling with flies. I took a half-assed swing at one of them, missed, and said, "Fuck this, I'm going to buy some Raid." I collected my things and walked to Walgreens, which did not have any Raid. I walked to CVS. They had one container of Raid, but the spray top was missing. So then, hungry and shooting looks so hateful that I nearly incinerated a baby, I walked into Shaws, used my overdrawn debit card, and headed back home.

I heated up some dinner, grabbed a plastic fork, and put my stuff in a bag. I began spraying the chemicals at the windows. I don't like killing things. The files are trying to live, just like I am. But I do not wish them to try to live in my apartment, so I had to hose them down. They dropped, one by one, wings humming furiously as the poison hit their system. It was a horrible sound.

I saturated the air with the mist (per manufacturer's instructions) and then left the apartment. I ate my dinner on the Comm Ave mall, uncomfortably close to a young couple that was making out. I called my Mom, who feared I had poisoned myself rather than the flies, since I took a huge coughing fit right after I said hello. I complained about my problems, and then went home.

Most of the flies were dead, but some of them flew crazily around the apartment. Their reaction time was poor, so I managed to skoosh them. I went to bed, not hearing anything. Around 6am, I awoke to the sound of a buzzing fly. I found a few more dead ones on the floor on the way to the shower, and saw a couple live ones bobbing around. I sprayed again before I left for work. I still fear I will find another fly family when I return home, which will probably send me running to the men in white coats, because this is the last kind of crap I need this week.

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