Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Mile in Inappropriate Shoes

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We've got Karl Rove and his aid Libby leaking the identity of CIA agents. There is a hurricane barreling towards Texas. I'm trying to plan my birthday celebration that I'd ideally have in two states on the same weekday. Yet the big controversy is flip-flops in the White House.
Here's my argument-- flip flops are comfortable. Walking around a city in heels is not fun. Heeled boots are one thing, but heeled sandals get all sweaty and your feet fishtail out of the backs of them and you're trying to be all smooth because you're about to meet the President but you've damn near broken your ankle, your feet have blisters about the size of your eyeball, and all you want is a cool drink and a chair. But you've got to stand for a photo op with the President.
Flip-flops and beer are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. After the initial wearing the fabric softens up and rests against the delicate foot skin like a cloud. The firm sole keeps broken glass and small rocks from poking through and hurting the bottom of the foot. The shoes make a merry noise as the wearer walks. All in all, a great thing.
Also, we're worried about formality in the Bush White House? This guy refers to national security experts as "folks." Jesus. Flip-flops are the least of our problems.

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