Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thank God That's Over...

Hey. We recently just had a weekend. Did you hear? It's a shock to me since I spent all the 4th sober. Stone cold. Not a drop to drink. I did have some grilled meats, but that's about it. I drank more than a guy who outweighs me by nearly one hundred pounds on the 3rd, but the 4th found us sober, surrounded by drunk parents and someone smoking weed on the Mass Ave bridge, asses numb from sitting on the pavement, wondering how Big and Rich are at all representative of Boston. The fireworks were impressive, especially with this year's advent of the "jazz hands" fireworks that explode out of nowhere, linger and twinkle like wiggling fingers, and disappear as quickly as they came.
The freelance work, as of 10am, is done. Now I just wait around for the payday, which can't come soon enough since I spent lots of money this weekend. It's funny how traveling even two hours outside of the city will cost you so much money. And, you know, living in the city.
Anyway, I'm going to reaquaint myself with the stove and cooking for myself instead of eating pizza for every meal. I will make my best efforts at writing more soon, but I should probably turn my attention to my actual job again.

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