Friday, July 22, 2005


  • Son of a bitch. Three months ago, I organized a trip for the Ninjas of Love to go to a Pawtucket Red Sox game. I figured it's not JD or Tek, but at least we'd have Youks. Then Youks got optioned into Boston and I was sad he wouldn't hear me cheer for him (by cheer, I mean "Kevin Youkilis, you rock my socks off"). Then Youks came back to Pawtucket and I was excited. Then I heard rumors Gabe Kapler was coming back, and I dared to dream. Then he came back. And was playing rehab games in Lowell. Then I figured he'd be in Pawtucket on Saturday. But apparently that's his off day. Crap. I mean, I'm happy with the Youks and all, but I really looked forward to jumping on Kapler and humping him until removed from the park.
  • This weekend will probably kill me. I've got plans with S this afternoon, drinking with a lover scorned later, will probably be woken up by the guy doing remodeling work in my Mom's bathroom at 8:30am, hanging with the Mom, going to Pawtucket, going to Providence, going to sleep, going to see the hometown crew which always leads to trouble (especially when there's a margarita pool involved) and dying of exhaustion Sunday night.
  • I want to know what marketing genius at channel 7 started marketing my Pete Bouchard as the sexy guy of Boston. I haven't yet seen the commercial, but both KCee and TGIC have mentioned it to me. Apparently, it's some of Pete's great moments in weather forecasting interspersed with women talking about how much they love Pete. Let me tell you, if they wanted an interview, I'd give 'em one. "Pete Bouchard rocks my socks off. He's the hottest bald guy in Boston. Sometimes I write about him on the internet!"
So enjoy your weekend, kids. I'll be kickin' it Rhody-style.

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