Thursday, July 14, 2005

Old Time

As someone pointed out in the comments of yesterday's post, Youks has been sent back to Pawtucket.

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It hurts us all, Kevin. But mama will be in Pawtucket next weekend cheering you on, after "borrowing" a small child so I can get a Tim Wakefield bobblehead. Call my Mom, Youks-- she'll make you some mashed potatoes to comfort you. Don't let 'em get you down-- they'll be calling you back up when some other valuable member of the team implodes and they need your consistent ass to bail them out. Again.

Also, from the Pete Bouchard files:
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If you read my body language (Queen) on television, you can probably see that I'm fidgeting over the weekend forecast. I wring my hands, contort my face, clammor for words and try to reassure you that it's not a washout we're facing, but a hit-and- miss-shower-type weekend.
Which is the better day? It's like asking what is the best 7 News alliteration of all time: "Pooch in a Pipe", "Donut Dilemma" or "Sandwich Scare"? For now, they're looking the same.
Punchy Pete

Since I give my channel 7 friend a requisite amount of crap for the neverending alliteration on their sensational news pieces, I'm glad Pete sees the stupidity of it all. Thanks for brightening an otherwise crappy day, Pete.

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