Wednesday, April 13, 2005

He Speaks to Me in Riddles, He Speaks to Me in Rhymes

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From the Pete Bouchard files

Check this out! My man Pete did a Police-centric weather forecast today. While I'd hoped to make it to Thursday for my once-weekly Pete prattle, this deserves my attention:

About the snow yesterday:

De-do-do-do, de-da-da-da is all I want to say to you.

Many did think it was doo-doo falling from the sky. Few delighted in this sad swipe from Ol' Man Winter.
How do we fix his wagon? We'll turn the sun loose on him.

Bright and beautiful all into the weekend. Sure, the clouds will pepper the sky from time to time, and the sea breeze caps the temperatures along the coast, but the April sun is undeniable and haughty.

Marathon Monday is still looking WARM...great for spectators - but not for the runners. If you're running, take solace in the words of the Police: When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around.

Back to you...

Wow. Awesome. It's almost like he Googled himself, and decided that I am cool and not scary at all and will write about the Police just for me. Because how many Police fans are out there? I don't have a whole lot of love for Sting as a solo act (other than the fact that he's smokin' hot) but the Police wrote some great songs, which I listened to on an endless cycle in my 1989 Ford Tempo my freshman year of college. The Sting love will probably greatly increase when my roommate and I go to Providence in May to see Sting at the Dunk. Pete probably got tickets to the BU show. With his wife. Psshaw.
But, to prove that my love is not blind, I don't really get how the sun can be haughty (proud). I think it would work as personification if there were more context. Like, "the April sun, looking down on us from high, is undeniable and haughty." But I am going to attempt to use the phrase "fix his wagon" today because I am all about the old-school phrases, such as "give them what-for" and "rapscallion."
Pete, you are the bee's knees!

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