Friday, April 29, 2005

Are You Asking Me Out?

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Because it sure sounds like you are, Pete:

Sunday's true to it's title (SUN - Day). See you on the Common for the Walk for Hunger.

Eep! Sadly, I'll be helping my Mom clean her house so I'll be missing Pete. I imagine him being protected by Joe Amorosino in a very Bodyguard-esque situation. A well-mannered weatherman avoiding the platonic love of a geeky, hungover twentysomething fan.
But can I argue semantics here? Aren't you walking against hunger? Like, to raise money to feed people? Walking makes you hungry, but I don't think people say "whoo hunger!" Shouldn't it be the Walk Against Hunger? Karen's doing the Walk for Music because she's pro-music. People don't like to be hungry.
In short, thanks for the invite Pete. Maybe next year.

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