Monday, April 11, 2005

Love Train

Until Johnny Damon goes the hell away, I need to find a new baseball love. And while Johnny Pesky endeared himself to me today to the point where tears welled up in my eyes, he's a bit old to inspire the lust in me. I've been kicked off the Kevin Millar love train, and Kristen has forbidden me from the 'Tek love train. Arroyo has a wife named Am(ie), so that would work well, but his hair is problematic. During today's ring ceremony, I decided to jump on the Kevin Youkilis Express.
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He cleans up mighty nice. He respects his elders. His biceps do not inspire me to write sonnets, but I could maybe manage a haiku or some free verse. He's the guy that I should want to date but I get blinded by the hot, bad-ass with the highlights and dim expression. But I'm on the platform, waiting for the Youk to pick me up and take me away. Call me, Kevin!

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