Thursday, April 14, 2005


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"I don't wanna go back to Pawtucket! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"

Sad times at the railway station, y'all. Youkilis is going back to Pawtucket. This is kind of cool because I'll get to see him (and the World Series trophy) on Sunday, but I will miss him here in Boston. Also, the idea of being sent from Boston back to Rhode Island is mortifying. I know how you feel, Kevin. If ever I have to return to the place of my technical residence from the big league city of Boston, I'd feel pretty bad too. Maybe you can rent out my old room at my Mom's house. She makes some killer mashed potatoes, and we're less than an hour from McCoy. There's ample parking and not many neighbors, so you can sound your screams of woe through the trees undisturbed. I still love you, Kev. Let's get some cabinets and drive by the Big Blue Bug on our way to the beach.

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