Thursday, May 19, 2005

Preach On, my Broke Brethren

My generation is more frightened of being in debt than they are of terrorism.
To this I say, "Doy." Terrorism happens only in one place. Sallie Mae follows you everywhere, looming like a cloud full of knee-breaking debt collectors. As does Nelnet and Citibank, along with Capital One.
And there's this:

The survey, released today by the bipartisan Partnership for Public Service, finds that 45.1% say they expect to graduate with $10,000 or more in college loans, with 20.6% saying they have more than $20,000 to pay off.
Another 27.5% say they will have no college debt.

You're all pussies. Pussies! I'm in the hole about $60,000 for the four years. For a liberal arts degree. I don't regret it, but, damn. I play Powerball and get nowhere. I'm too short to be America's Next Top Model. I have no rich relatives. I'm going to have to write a book.

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