Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ayi, Papi

Is it going to be this way for the next eighteen games? Some sort of media/blog mudslinging between Boston and New York about some grievance that has yet to happen? Last week had the Boo/Worship Johnny debate. This week, it's should Johnson plunk Papi. Jeebus.

Listen, Sports Media of BOTH cities. There is more than enough drama inherent in the meeting of Stripes and Sox. We don't need a big media bruhaha every time our nine men meet about one issue. How about you report on something if Johnson does throw at Papi, which is a stupid fucking idea anyway since Johnson looks like a strong wind could blow out his knee, and Papi's gonna eat a whole bowl of black bean salsa before the game. You know? E.nuf. My heart doesn't need it. YES and NESN don't need the ratings boost. Let the drama stand.

And on another completely unrelated publicity stunt out of New York. Why are people all thrilled about David Blaine? How is putting yourself in harm's way intentionally a brave and amazing thing? For a cause, it's admirable. You know, like this. THAT is amazing. People who sign up for the military during a time of war to defend their country, knowing they'll be shipped off to a desert? Brave. But who benefits from Blaine's moronic attempts to tempt fate? Blaine. Blaine, and ABC, who gets a big thumbs-down from Pasquinade for putting this shit on the air for two whole hours. This guy is a famewhore, completely and totally, and one without a sense of humor, which I gathered from the 25 seconds my roommate and I watched that crap yesterday. It's not amazing; it's foolish. People lose family members all the time who are just doing normal, everyday things that go wrong. I know it's human nature to watch this stuff, because it's like knowing the train will crash before it happens, but it just rubs me the wrong way. This guy shouldn't be a headline; he should be in a freak show.

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