Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today is one of those days when I wait around for everything to get going. I have to get keys from my realtor for the new place at lunch or after work, and if it's after work it'll preempt my post-work drinks with a departing coworker. I'm eating hamburgers and watching Taylor win American Idol. (He was better than Katherine last night, I will grudgingly admit, but, as the fantastic Joe R put it on Television Without Pity, "[Taylor's] a giant pile of jackass.") Tomorrow, I drink with a working mother who's been emancipated from her kids to go to the company Sox game. Friday I leave work early and maybe go rollerblading and visit with Jill. Saturday I get up ass-early to drive to the airport, then pack a minivan full of stuff to keep at my Mom's house. Next week, I move. It's all exciting, and I'm glad to be busy.

Why can't it get warm? Yes, I know that Monday is supposed to be 83 and humid, and I kind of wish it were Sunday that would be such an excellent beach day, but, whatever. No flooding and some sunshine will be awesome. I want to wear my boob dress! I need to get some color!

As you can see, I've got nothing new to report.

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