Friday, May 26, 2006

Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Mood

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Word, holmes.

My crankypants are on. I think they're stress-related crankypants, because I was at Fenway last night and couldn't bring myself to be very chatty. It was sudden and inexplicable. Just cranky. I want to have this moving drama over. The kid who's in my soon-to-be-place isn't living there, but has left a few things there as to extort money from me (he'll take his stuff out early if I give him keys). Haven't you heard of karma? Do something nice for somebody you don't know. I like to think I'd do somebody a favor like that.

Fine. I'm taking my moving-drama ball and going home to Rhode Island, where the wild emu roam (seriously) and I can sit around in ratty pajamas. I am going to the beach. I may even swim even though the water is deadly cold and it'll feel like my joints are contracting like the metal joints in a bridge just because I want to.


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