Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wonder of the World

I haven't written much about Pete Bouchard lately. Not only because the restraining order came through and I am nothing if not a law-abiding citizen, but because his weather write-ups are posted late in the day, and I'm not reading the weather then. I watch him on TV, but he truly shines when his inner music geek and snark come out online.

But, channel 7's web site has a new feature, called "Pete's 7 Weather Wonders." I know they're trying to work in the name of the station, but there are actually nine wonders posted on the page. Whatever. All I know is I have little clippy bits of Bouchard goodness to access whenever I am sad. He will give you very perfunctory weather tidbits all around Boston.

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Also, how much swag to television reporters get? In these clips alone, Pete's got a navy 7 windbreaker, a red 7 vest, and a blue 7 vest. Do they have to return it at the end of the show? Does everyone get swag? All I get is travel mugs and tote bags at my company, and I had to fight for them.

But way to go, Pete. Keep up the good work.

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