Monday, May 15, 2006

Only Happy When it Rains

This song came on the radio Saturday night, and my brother and I both delighted in the song choice. At the time, I was driving 35mph down my backwoods road and the wipers were at high-blast. The carcasses of many frogs littered the road. It rained in Rhode Island this weekend too.

It's a good thing my Cosmo came, because the only kind of sex I'll be having in the foreseeable future will be waterlogged, and now I am prepared. Except for the whole "willing partner" aspect. But since it's probably going to rain until July, I have time to find somebody.

The endless misty rain that an umbrella is powerless to shelter me from is bad enough. The cloudy wake-up without singing birds is also depressing. But the worst thing is walking outside into the cloudy mist and seeing the same model and color of your ex-boyfriend's car driving by the coffee shop. Awesome. And by awesome, I mean "last thing I needed to see on a shitty Monday morning."

Thanks again to my Mom for being awesome, and raising me right. I wish I could afford to pay your car off and take you on vacation, but I guess a frying pan and some bath goodies will have to suffice.

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