Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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I know I've beaten this whole Station fire thing to death on this blog. I've said how I feel about this a million times-- it's a shitty situation for everyone. It was a collusion of stupidity on the part of the town, the owners of the club, the band Great White, and the band's manager, Daniel Biechele. Biechele's sentencing hearing should end today, with the harshest possible sentence being ten years in jail. If you've been watching the news, you may have seen some of the victim statements. ProJo has a list of excerpts, which are horrifying. Women who were pregnant losing their husbands, recent college graduates dying, a woman in a coma for months with burns over forty percent of her body. One of my Mom's coworkers got called in to help at the scene, and he said it was a horrible thing to see.

I hope the judge gives Biechele the maximum sentence. The guy will be 39 when he gets out of jail. He made a mistake, but it was one that killed a hundred people. Parents had to bury their children. He deserves ten years. People have killed one person and served more time in jail than Biechele will. I know he's sorry. You can see it in the picture above. But sometimes sorry doesn't cut it.

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